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Sports DatA-DRIVEN CONTENT Solutions

SPODIO develops content solutions with sports data.
We create extra values for sports.

Since 2019, SPODIO concentrates on sports data-driven products with founding team members who have various experiences in sports data business.


SPODIO Group consists of a portfolio of across in-game data analytics solution, sportsbook, fantasy sports, and match prediction products.,



SPODIO is not just a mediocre software development company.

With Vision 2024, we will jump up to be a leading sports data content provider in Asia in five years, and top 10 in the world.



We provide cutting-edge data-driven sports content through strategic alliance with global leading sports data providers.

​We develop products with our talented in-house engineers from our worldwide offices including San Francisco and London.


What We Do


SPODIO is good at sports data analysis, developing prediction system, and sportsbook/fantasy sports products.


We develop world-class solutions not just by our own data, but also by cooperation with global strategic partners.


We think strategic marketing and promotion is important as much as creating great products.


SPODIO is talented in marketing and promotion with our in-house marketing experts and strong partnership with marketing agencies in Europe and the United States.


SPODIO offers tailor-made consulting service to clients who try to newly launch or expand the sports data business based on our experiences and expertise in this industry.

We proudly provide optimized A to Z consulting solutions from recruiting, legal advice to business strategy and marketing campaign.​


Without developing or analyzing, raw data itself has less value. SPODIO provides various content based on up-to-date sports data analytics algorithm which covers B2B and B2C market.

SPODIO is a sports data-driven content provider which has global coverages with various content formats.


"Our priority is mutual growth with business partners. ."




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